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What are we investigating in LED strips?

What are we investigating in LED strips?

The testing of LED strips involves a number of key factors to ensure that the product meets user expectations in terms of quality, performance and durability. These tests mainly focus on several aspects:

  1. Brightness and colour: One of the basic elements that are tested is the intensity of light emitted by the LED strips and their ability to reproduce colours, which is particularly important in applications where the lighting has to reproduce colours faithfully. The parameter that determines colour quality is the colour rendering index (CRI), with a higher value indicating better colour reproduction.
  2. Energy consumption and efficiency: LED strips are prized for their energy efficiency, so an important research aspect is to measure the energy consumption in relation to the light emitted (lumens per watt). This assesses how efficiently the LED strip converts electricity into light.
  3. Durability and lifespan: Research into the durability of LED strips focuses on assessing how long they can maintain their light performance without significant degradation. To this end, the tapes are tested under a variety of environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity or mechanical influences. Resistance to switch-on and switch-off cycles is also tested.

In summary, research into LED strips is comprehensive and focuses on many aspects to provide users with a product that is not only efficient and cost-effective, but also safe and durable.


We have our own measurement laboratory and are able to provide test results for ordered products on request.


ESPE LED strip SMD2835 | 3000K | 12V | 9,6W | 120LED | 5mm | 5m Bargain

ESPE LED strip SMD2835 | 3000K | 12V | 9,6W | 120LED | 5mm | 5m

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