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Lighting measurement laboratory

Lighting measurement laboratory

Amicus Lighting Parameter Measurement Laboratory: Your Trusted Source for LED Quality Assessment

The Amicus Lighting Parameter Measurement Laboratory specialises in comprehensive quality assessment of LED light sources. Our services include qualification of new products and random verification of the quality of products that are on continuous sale, such as LED strips. Thanks to our advanced measurement methods, we produce detailed test reports and provide a written quality assessment, ensuring the highest standard of service to our clients.

The range of measurements we carry out is extremely wide and includes, among others:

  • Measurement of luminous flux in an Ulbricht sphere: Precise determination of the amount of light emitted by the source.
  • Spectral measurement in the 380-800 nm range: Analysis of the full spectrum of light, including measurement of colour parameters (CRI, Ra, CCT) and chromaticity coordinates, which are crucial for assessing light quality.
  • Flicker factor (FP) measurement: Assessment of light stability, which is important for user comfort.
  • Determination of the stabilisation time of the light source: Checking how quickly the source reaches stable operating parameters.
  • Measurements of LED strips in a climate chamber: Testing at elevated ambient temperatures to assess the durability and reliability of products.
  • Measurement of belt temperature distribution during operation with a thermal imaging camera: Analysis of heat distribution to identify potential overheating problems.

Thanks to our experience and high-tech equipment, the Amicus lab is able to provide reliable and accurate results that help manufacturers and distributors ensure the highest quality LED products. We are your trusted partner in assessing and improving lighting quality.