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Colour bands: RGB, RGB+W and RGBW

Colour bands: RGB, RGB+W and RGBW

RGB, RGB+W and RGBW LED strips are state-of-the-art lighting solutions that have become extremely popular in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Their versatility and ability to create an almost infinite colour palette makes them ideal for those looking for personalised lighting options.







RGB LED strips are the basic version, allowing the three colours red, green and blue to be mixed to create a wide range of shades and lighting effects. This allows users to adapt the lighting to their mood, event or even music, creating dynamic and colourful spaces.



The RGB+W and RGBW tapes, on the other hand, offer extended lighting possibilities by adding white light. The RGB+W model incorporates an additional independent white light emitting diode, allowing for cleaner white light and more precise colour mixing. The RGBW strips, on the other hand, integrate white light directly into the RGB LEDs for an even more personalised lighting experience, combining warm and cool white tones with a rich RGB colour palette.



Investing in RGB, RGB+W, or RGBW LED strips is a great way to add character and style to any interior or exterior space. Thanks to the ease of installation and operation, users can enjoy dynamic and effective lighting that not only enhances aesthetics, but can also influence the mood and atmosphere of a room. Without a doubt, LED strips are the future of lighting, offering endless decorative and functional possibilities.