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12V or 24V LED tape - which to choose for optimum lighting?

12V or 24V LED tape - which to choose for optimum lighting?

The choice between 12V and 24V LED tape depends on several key factors, such as the length of the installation, the power requirements and the application.

12V LED strips are widely available and often used for smaller projects where a long strip length is not required. They feature easy installation and are ideal for domestic applications such as illuminating cabinets, shelves or interior accent areas.

24V LED strips, on the other hand, are more suitable for larger installations as they can be powered over longer lengths without a significant voltage drop, a key factor when designing lighting over a large space. Due to the higher voltage, 24V strips are less susceptible to voltage drops, allowing for more uniform lighting over long lengths. This makes them an ideal choice for professional installations and in areas requiring longer light lines, such as office, commercial and outdoor lighting.

In summary, the choice between 12V and 24V LED tape should be dictated by the specific requirements of the project. For smaller, domestic applications, a 12V tape will be sufficient, while for larger spaces or professional installations it is worth considering a 24V tape. It is also important to bear in mind the correct choice of power supply and any drivers, which must be compatible with the chosen LED strip voltage.